Mass Save Program for Insulation
Up To 75% OFF on All Your Insulation Requirement

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Home Energy Savings with Rebates Through Mass Save


With the improvement in home efficiency, you can increase your energy savings up to 75%.

So, get the best home improvements through Mass Save program at no cost. Check out all the
possible rebates available to you with an authentic  energy audit.

Massachusetts’s electric and natural gas utility companies sponsor the Mass Save program
which is one of the most effective programs to save energy & money.

With this program, you can make your property more energy-efficient without spending anything. Make yourself qualify for rebates and/or incentives by making your home energy efficient with the help of the Mass Save program.

Mass Save energy audit from Mass Energy Auditors helps the people of MA to get rebates & incentives.

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Mass Save Program Offers Instant Energy & Money Savings at Absolutely No Cost

No-Cost Energy Assessment

Don’t miss the benefits of getting rebates, incentives, zero-interest loans, and light bulbs at zero cost. Schedule your no-cost energy assessment now.

Insulation & Air Sealing

Keep yourself warm at the time of winter and cool at the time of summer months with the help of appropriate insulation and air sealing. Give high priority to no-cost energy assessment through Mass Save.

Residential Solar Panels

Is your home energy cost increasing month by month? Take the control of the energy bills in your hand with solar panel installation. Get a free solar assessment today.

Heating & Cooling

Choose ductless mini-splits for the accurate temperature to get appropriate heating and cooling. A wise decision can help in saving the energy & money both.

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FAQs about the Mass Save Program

Mass Save consist of two different types of programs. One is No-Cost Program while the other one is Discounted Products and Services. These programs are only available to eligible participants. This eligibility is not only depending on your household income but the eligibility of  programs are also depended on the number of your household members. 

If your household income is ranging between $39,000 and $141,000 then you might be eligible for the Enhanced Residential program. Under this program, you can get a free insulation upgrade as well as incentives for related projects.

The other one is Income Eligible Program. This works within the household income range between $39,000 and $106,000. Under this program, an eligible person can get rebates for purchases of different new home appliances such as window AC units, dehumidifiers, heating systems, freezers, refrigerators, and clothes washers. The eligible person can also get the benefits of no-cost air sealing and insulation upgrades. 

Contact Mass Energy Savers to get accurate information about your eligibility for the  program.

This program is completely dependent on the eligibility of an individual. So you won’t pay anything to Mass Energy Auditors or a contracting partner. Only a small amount is added to your gas and energy bills for ‘energy efficiency’. This small charge helps fund the  program. And as you have been paying into the Mass Save energy efficiency fund, you must schedule a no-cost home energy assessment with us.

After applying for an incentive, your claim will be processed and approved in a few days. Once it’s confirmed that the home addition or renovation has been finished, you can get the incentive cheque after 10 to 12 weeks.

There are plenty of energy efficiency service providers and electric & natural gas utility companies available in Massachusetts that sponsors Mass Save incentives, services and programs. If you have any doubts or queries, you can immediately contact the customer service at your energy efficiency service provider.